You Don’t Need To Spend Much To Make Your Home Look So Much Better — Here’s Proof


In spite of the groundhog’s foreboding prediction last month, spring is beginning to make its arrival. While I’m most excited for more sunshine and longer days, there’s another reason for the season: spring cleaning.

It’s the perfect time to take stock of your home, clear out the old, and upgrade to some new home pieces and systems that make sense for you. It sounds like a chore, but it’s one that our familial predecessors were right about. When you’re surrounded by an organized collection of the things you love, you’ll notice a difference in how clear-minded and creatively energized you feel – especially if your home is also your office. And what time could be better for a fresh start than the beginning of spring and the astrological new year later this month?

Everyone’s spring cleaning checklist will look a little different, but I’ve gathered up 45 ideas here to get started. All of these will make your home look and feel its best, which of course translates into you living your best life too. From a high-pressure shower head that will turn your AM shower into a spa session to a bamboo cheese board that will indulge your charcuterie sensibilities, here are tons of ways to give your space a fresh start without blowing your budget in the process.


Bring The Fun To Any Room With These LED Strip Lights

One way to give your space an instant makeover — as often as you want — is to install some LED strip lights. These color-changing lights instantly switch up the mood with hundreds of shades that provide soft, ambient lighting for every possible occasion. They’re backed with adhesive and remote controllable, so you can place each of the four pre-cut strips anywhere that strikes your fancy.


Show Off Your Leafy Friend With This Minimalist Plant Stand

Green thumb or not, this bamboo plant stand will elevate your indoor garden physically and aesthetically. It fits any pot up to 10 inches wide, adding some subtle mid-century modern flair to your living space. Pair it with your favorite medium to large potted plant; the sturdy base can hold even heavy ceramic pots, as well as faux and real plants alike.


Organize Your Pantry In A Snap With These Airtight Food Containers

Your kitchen pantry will look like it just walked out of an HGTV show with the help of these plastic food storage containers. The set of 12 come in various sizes, and are perfect for stacking and storing dry foods of any kind. The lids snap into place, creating an airtight seal that keeps your food fresh and leakproof for weeks.


Illuminate The Nooks & Crannies Of Your Home Easily With This Set Of Wireless Lights

Looking to add some extra light to the dark corners of your home? These wireless LED under-cabinet lights are up to the task. They’re battery-operated, so there’s no wiring required, and you can use either the included heavy-duty adhesive tape or screws to install them practically anywhere. They come with a wireless remote and are dimmable and timer-enabled to conserve the battery.


Fill That Empty Corner With This Clever Floating Shelf

Make a statement out of a corner wall with this five-tier floating shelf. It makes the perfect place to display your decor, photos, houseplants, or books, and it comes in eight different finishes to complement your existing color scheme. Each shelf holds up to 11 pounds, and reviewers report that it’s easy to assemble and install.


Organize Your Kitchen Drawers With These Bamboo Dividers

Make the most of your kitchen storage with these bamboo drawer dividers to keep utensils and other small items separated and easy to find. They’re adjustable to fit in almost all standard drawers, and each set comes with four water-resistant dividers available in three finishes.


Light Your Outdoor Pathway With These Solar-Powered Lights

Don’t neglect your yard in your spring cleaning efforts: These solar-powered garden lights make the perfect outdoor living accessory. The set of six can be used alongside a path or flowerbed to illuminate the area. They turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn, and they are completely weather-resistant to last through multiple seasons.


Streamline Your Closet & Save Space With These Chic Velvet Hangers

I’m a big believer in matching hangers, and this pack of 20 velvet non-slip hangers are just what you need to get your closet looking right. Available in blush pink as well as other fun and neutral shades, these space-saving hangers will make all your clothes hang neatly and keep them easy to find. The 360-degree swiveling hooks are the cherry on top, and they have notched shoulders to keep your clothes in place.


Update A Room With This Durable & Beautiful Accent Rug

Many substantial rugs can set you back hundreds of dollars, but this Persian distressed accent rug will change the look of your space instantly — and for less than $20. The ornate vintage-inspired design measures 2 by 3 feet and is designed with resilience and function in mind, making it perfect for high-traffic areas.


Lift Pet Hair From Furniture With This Patented Remover That’s A Cult Favorite

Pet parents know the struggle of keeping the couch, bed, and other areas of your home hair-free, which is exactly why you need this pet hair remover tool. It works like a lint roller on furniture, blankets, and more, but instead of sticky tape, it uses a patented brush system to lift and remove hair as you roll it across the surface. That means you can use it again and again without replacing, and there’s even a hidden compartment you can pop open to empty out collected fur.


Prevent Your Cat From Destroying Furniture With These Clear Shields

Cats have a way of destroying, well, everything they can, so protecting your furniture with these scratch-deterrent shields is a must. The self-adhesive shields can wrap around the sides of your couch or chair, protecting up to 17 by 12 inches of upholstery from errant claws. They adhere to a wide variety of fabrics and won’t compromise the look you’re going for because of their clear nature.


Keep Small Spaces Clutter-Free With This Mini Trash Can

If you frequently find yourself leaving trash strewn across your counter or desk, put this mini trash can in a convenient spot to keep it tidy. At just 6.5 inches tall, this brushed steel can is perfect for small spaces and holds a surprising amount of waste. The shiny satin finish is fingerprint-resistant and stain-proof.


Keep Track Of Family Responsibilities & Goals With This Magnetic Chore Chart

For busy families looking to implement some structure this spring, try this dry erase behavior & chore chart. With magnetic whiteboards to keep track of different family member’s responsibilities, you can plan out an entire week’s worth of chores at once, as well as goal setting and rewards. The set includes six colored fine tip markers, and each one has an eraser cap for easy cleanup.


Prevent Your Couch Or Table From Scratching Your Floors With These Furniture Pads

Secure these non-slip furniture pad grippers underneath the legs of your couch, dining room table, and other furniture to prevent damage to your floors. The eight pre-scored four by four inch pads can be cut to fit any size or shape you need, and are made of anti-slip rubber that doesn’t leave marks or damage behind on hard wood, laminate, tile, and other types of flooring.


Keep Your Space Clean With This Lightweight 3-In-1 Vacuum

With the Bissell featherweight stick vacuum, you’re getting three vacuums in one for less than $35. This powerful model converts from a stick vacuum to a hand or stair vacuum easily and even has a crevice tool and floor nozzle to reach tough corners. Suitable for hard floors and carpets alike, this vacuum boasts over 45,000 five-star ratings, proving that it’s both small and mighty when it comes to household messes.


Have All Your Most-Used Office Items At The Ready With A Desk Caddy

This handy office supply organizer will help you get your desk in order once and for all. The caddy is made from scratch-resistant wire mesh and has two file slots for paperwork, a pen holder compartment, slanted memo pad holder, and a mini slide-out drawer. The entire thing measures less than 6 inches all around and is just what you need to keep your most-used supplies close at hand.


Create A Charging Area With This Space-Saving Station That Charges Multiple Devices At Once

Tech fiends and large households alike will love this USB charg
ing station
, which has enough space and cables to charge five devices at once. Compatible with everything from iPhones to digital cameras, this charging station is equipped with fast charging and LED indicator lights that let you know when each device is fully charged. It comes with five short USB cables of various types, but you can use any USB cable you’d like with it.


Add Ambience With This Crystal Tower Lamp With Cleansing Properties

The cleansing powers of the crystal selenite meet the function of a lamp in this – you guessed it – selenite table lamp. Pure selenite, mined from Morocco, is said to clear out negative, stale energy, and provides a calming effect for inner peace and meditation. The lamp stands between 7 and 11 inches tall, and it emanates a soft white glow for ambient, earthy lighting.


Stock Your Kitchen With These Chic Silicone Cooking Utensils

A nonstick, heat-resistant cooking utensil set that has everything a well-stocked kitchen needs? Say less. The silicone and acacia wood set includes a spatula, soup ladle, slotted spoon, oil brush, and more, all of which will keep your cookware surfaces intact.


Store Those Kitchen Utensils In This Gorgeous Holder

What better to store your new utensils in than this sleek utensil holder? The farmhouse-style ceramic jar has space for lots of tools and an eye-catching copper band. It measures 7 inches tall and 6 inches wide and will help keep your most-used utensils within arm’s reach — and in style.


Create An Epic Charcuterie Spread With An Extra-Large Cheese Board

You’ll be the envy of all your friends when you bust this bamboo cheese board out at your next dinner party. The large board is built for all your charcuterie needs, crafted from all-natural, eco-friendly bamboo with two grooves for crackers and handles underneath. It measures 16 by 10 inches, so you can serve up all the cheese, nuts, fruits, and any other finger food you can imagine.


This Cocktail Shaker Kit Is An Amateur Bartender’s Best Friend

No kitchen is complete without this cocktail shaker set, which will really take your bartending skills to the next level. Complete with a shaker, strainer, muddler, double jigger, and so much more, this 14-piece stainless steel set has everything a mixologist could need. Plus, it’s completely dishwasher-safe. Whether you’re craving an Aperol spritz or a Cosmopolitan, it’ll get you serving up drinks in style.


Add An Elegant Touch To Any Table With This Sleek Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

Forget the plastic bottles of seasoning you get from the grocery store: Spice things up at the dinner table (literally) with this sleek salt and pepper grinder set. They feature wide mouths and adjustable coarseness knobs to customize your spice level. The brushed stainless steel encasing and glass body are timeless and easy to refill as needed and they even come with their own stand for convenience.


Show Off Your Favorite Vintages With This Wine Rack

Every wine lover deserves to store their bottles in style on this tabletop wine rack. The fully-assembled trellis rack holds up to six standard bottles of wine, standing sturdily on your bar cart, counter, or table. Select your finish: rose gold, matte black, or brushed silver to complement your tastes and keep your favorite bottles at your fingertips.


This Stainless Steel Canister Looks Sleek & Keeps Your Coffee Fresh For Weeks

Coffee snobs and caffeine devotees, listen up: This stainless steel coffee canister was made for you. Store up to 19 ounces of grounds in this canister to keep them fresh with an airtight seal, along with a freshness valve that releases carbon dioxide without letting in oxygen. And with the calendar date tracker on the top, you’ll know exactly the beans inside were roasted and can keep drinking the freshest possible brews.


Tuck Your Dish Sponge Into This Textured Holder To Keep It Dry & Fresh

You know when you set a wet sponge down to dry in the sink and it just…doesn’t? This embossed sponge holder takes care of that problem and the damask pattern adds a subtle design detail to your kitchen counter. The porcelain cup allows your sponge to air dry without sitting in its own dirt
y water, which in turn will make it last longer.


Sort Food Into These Clear Bins for Total Organization

Take stock of your refrigerator once and for all with these food organizer bins. The set of six makes it easy to maximize the space you have and group items together. The minimal, clear acrylic bins come in various sizes and are made from shatter-proof, BPA-free plastic.


Store Bacon Grease In This Clever, Old-Fashioned Container

If you’re not already aware, cooking grease should never go down the drain, and pouring it into the trash while it’s warm is a no-go, too. Instead, store your leftover cooking oil in this bacon grease container: Simply pour it through the mesh strainer and into the catcher, and reuse the oil to add flavor to other dishes. It holds up to five cups of grease and has a simple and effective design that looks like it belongs on your kitchen counter. The entire thing is dishwasher-safe, but the design allows you to wash just the strainer after every use without tossing out your oil.


Prevent Sticky Messes Before They Start With A Gravity-Fed Honey Jar

Store your honey in this handy glass dispenser for elegant, no-drip serving. Unlike store-bought jars that make a mess every time you use them, this honeycomb dispenser prevents sticky honey residue from getting everywhere and holds up to one cup of liquid. Simply press the trigger at the top of the jar and honey will release from the bottom.


Adorn Your Couch With This Lavish Throw Blanket That’s Perfect For Couch Naps & Movie Nights

You can never have too many throw blankets, and that of course includes this affordable and cozy sherpa throw blanket. Perfect for draping over the couch or cuddling under on movie night, this blanket is made from microfiber that feels plush and super soft on the skin. And with so many color choices at such a low price tag, you’ll want to snag one for every room of your house.


Store Bulky Items In These Airtight Vacuum Bags That Save Space

When you’re seriously strapped for storage space, these vacuum storage bags will be a lifesaver. The pack of four jumbo bags are made to store bulky items. Each one can each fit 10 to 12 sweaters or one standard size pillow, reducing the original volume of your items by 80%. There’s even a travel pump included so that you can save space in your suitcase and take them on the go.


Store Your Shoe Collection In These Under-The-Bed Containers

If you’ve got a shoe collection to rival Carrie Bradshaw’s, you can convert the area under your bed into a makeshift closet with these under-bed shoe storage organizers. The two-pack includes one organizer for sneakers and flats, which holds up to 20 pairs, while the other has four roomy compartments for boots and other larger shoes. Both are made from a breathable fabric that doesn’t retain odors and feature a transparent plastic window and reinforced handles that won’t rip.


Hide Your Under-Bed Storage With A Ruffled Bed Skirt

When your under-bed area is occupied by storage items, it doesn’t make for the most visually appealing environment but you can cleverly conceal it with this ruffled bed skirt. Available in multiple sizes and colors, this brushed microfiber bed skirt sits beneath your mattress and hides whatever’s underneath. Reviewers report that it stays in place and stylishly hides the box spring, storage, and bed frame.


Keep Shoes Tidy With This Entryway Bench

This three-tier bamboo shoe rack bench makes the perfect finishing touch for your entryway or closet. The heavy-duty bench offers convenient storage for shoes and a handy place to sit, available in three colors to coordinate with any home. At just over 28 inches long, this bench fits even in small spaces, and can fit up to four pairs of shoes on each shelf.


Reduce Visual Clutter With These Versatile Storage Cubes

The beauty of these foldable storage cubes is in their versatility. They fit into many shelving units and can hold practically anything from toys to games to craft supplies to tech. With convenient side handles and an impressive color selection, these cubes are sure to become your go-to for everyday storage s


Upgrade Your Bathroom With This Rainfall Shower Head

Ditch your lousy shower head once and for all, and install this high-pressure rain shower head in its place. This luxurious upgrade is surprisingly easy to install, and you’ll never want to go back to your old ways afterwards. A swivel ball joint allows you to point it in whatever direction you desire, and the wide angle spouts with eco-friendly outflows will ensure a comfortable and energy-saving shower every time.


Refresh Your Bathroom With Soft Hand Towels

Experts recommend replacing your towels every year or so, and this six-pack of cotton hand towels is a budget-friendly way to stock up for the whole house. They’re extra absorbent and quick to dry, with a fluffy cotton texture that keeps your hands feeling soft. Plus, they’re OEKO-TEX certified, which means they’re tested for harmful substances.


Upgrade Hooks In The Bathroom & Beyond With A Contemporary Look

One easy way to add both function and style to your bathroom is to swap out your towel rack for these chrome hooks. They’re perfect for hanging towels, washcloths, or bathrobes, with double hooks that point away from each other for maximum storage. They come with everything you need to install them, and add a clean, modern look with the easy-to-clean, mirror-like surface.


Give A Spa-Like Feel To A Space With This Wood Shower Mat

Fabric bath mats are prone to mold, mildew, and just getting plain gross after a while, but what if I told you that you could add this bamboo bath mat and give your bathroom both an aesthetic and sanitary upgrade? Complete with a water-resistant, non-slip surface, this luxurious bath mat give you the spa-like experience you’ve been craving in your own bathroom. The slatted design allows for quick drying and water flow; just make sure it’s not placed in an area with standing water to make it last for years.


Relax With This Soothing Candle In A Chic Jar

Complete the zen atmosphere of your home with this eucalyptus and chamomile candle. Made from soy wax, this calming candle uses a unique blend of essential oils and purifies the air in your home as it burns. The large size has a 45-hour burn time, and comes in sleek black packaging with gold details that’s perfect to repurpose once the wick has burnt out.


Show Off Your Your Favorite Photos & Art Pieces In These Wooden Picture Frames

Use this set of rustic brown picture frames to create your very own gallery wall with prints and photos of your choosing. They come in sizes from 4 by 6 inches to 8.5 by 11 inches, and there’s even a multi-sized option with seven different options. Hang them vertically or horizontally for visual variety.


Add Plants To Your Home With This Cute Set Of Pots

As someone with a serious plant habit, I can testify that cute, high-quality pots can get expensive. So I’m all over this six-pack of succulent pots, which costs less than $20 and comes in a variety of black and white geometric designs. Each one has a drainage hole to support the health of your leafy companion, along with a bamboo tray to sit underneath. Repot your succulents and other small plants into them now, and you’ll be all set for spring when they really start to bloom.


Work Smarter — Not Harder — At Spring Cleaning With This Grout Brush

Unfortunately, they haven’t yet invented a machine to clean your shower for you, but at least you can have this grout brush scrubber to make the job a little easier. The telescoping brush and 180-degree pivoting head allow you to reach tough areas with ease, and each bristle is cut in a “V” shape that cleans more effectively and efficiently.


Restoring Wooden Furniture & Floors Is As Easy As Coloring It In With This Kit

Don’t replace your dinged-up wood furniture just yet. This wood repair kit has everything you need to conceal surface-level scratches, scuffs, nicks, and disco
loration. Use one of the wax sticks in the appropriate shade to fill in deeper scratches or nicks, then follow up with a wood marker. Your table, bed frame, chair, or even floor will look good as new. The kit comes with six markers in various wood shades, along with six corresponding wax sticks and a sharpener.


Keep Dirt Out With A Sweet Welcome Mat

This natural coir door mat greets your guests with glee before you can even open the door. Made from sturdy and coarse coconut coir bristles, it effectively scrapes dirt and debris from messy shoes and is backed with non-slip rubber for safety. This mat measures 16 by 24 inches, and its low-maintenance care along with the simple, timeless typographical design will make it useful for years to come.


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