This Mother Of Three Is Making Jewellery Out Of Breast Milk; Set To Make A Turnover Of 15 Crores By 2023


At the very least it does not audio gross like selling flatulence! Hoomans have occur a looooong way from etching on caves and engraving on stones to making jewellery outta breast-milk! In 2022, it ain’t a novel idea however. On the other hand Magenta Flower, a flower enterprise dependent out of British isles, is set to grow into the Breast-Milk Jewelry segment, expecting a whopping turnover of around Rs.15 Crore by the conclusion of 2023.

Helmed by Safiyya and Adam Riyadh, Magenta Flowers commenced its journey as a floral enterprise in 2019. The firm supplies a selection of flower decor and preservation solutions for situations ranging from weddings to funerals.

Safiyya Riyadh , the cofounder of Magenta Flowers, is a mom of a few and understands the painstaking journey of a nursing mom! The total strategy of breast-milk jewelry is preserving the stunning journey of breastfeeding. Speaking to Daily Star Safiyya remarks that there is an underlying stigma around breastfeeding in community. Nonetheless it presents a cherished bond involving a mother and her newborn. A breast-milk jewellery therefore not only marks as a little something stylish but a celebration of the journey of motherhood! A fantastic keepsake for mums!

Impression: Saffiya and Adam/ Magenta Flowers

The jewellery is built from drying the procured breastmilk (parcelled by the patron). The drying method dehydrates the milk into a powdered sort. The powdered breast milk is then mixed with preservatives. The jewel is handcrafted by designers according to the patron’s preference. An eclectic array of solutions is available to choose from such as – Breastmilk Earrings, Breastmilk Necklaces, Breastmilk Rings etc.

Verify out the overall array of Breast Milk Jewellery by Magenta Bouquets below.

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