The Truth about Ion Cleanse Detoxification Method

Detoxification and cleaning of the body is a growing trend nowadays. Many people are getting into the healthy habit of trying to cleanse their bodies from the inside in order to live a healthier and more prosperous life. This is why ion cleanse is sought after by many people to help cleanse their organs and other internal parts of their bodies. That’s iherb coupon code.
Principle behind this Cleansing
This cleansing method claims to help remove toxins inside the body in order for people to live a healthier and better life. This method removes all impurities that have accumulated inside the body over time through the soles of your feet. This cleansing method uses a device called Aqua Detox which can be found used in many spas and wellness centers. It is believed that this device produces a set of positive and negative ions that gently resonates throughout the body starting from the foot and stimulates the cells from within to release toxins and impurities inside. It also helps in creating equilibrium inside the body which is responsible for releasing stress and making you feel better. It also enables the cells to perform their tasks more efficiently for a healthier body. Moreover, marketers of this device even promote it to help remove parasitic infections such as pinworms and earthworms, as well as chemical and metal toxicity in the body such as copper. Allegedly, people who receives ion cleanse experiences better mental health and better energy flow after.
Benefits of Cleansing
The reason why this cleansing method is so popular is because of the many benefits it can bring to our body. While the detoxification and removing of impurities claim might seem like a hoax, there are still some wonderful benefits one can get out of this cleansing method. For one, it helps you relax through the vibrating pulses your feet can feel. Relaxation helps relieve stress which can thereby remove toxins in the body as well. And two, the placebo effect is something that many experts say can really help people who went through this cleansing method. Because people think that they will feel better after the treatment, they really do feel better after. Even if the treatment is not scientifically proven to make any changes in the body, the placebo effect helped many people feel better and renewed after.
The Reality of Cleansing
As aforementioned, there is no scientific evidence that proves the effectiveness of this treatment and some experts even say that this is a medically useless method to cleanse your body. The change in color that occurs on the water when the so-called detoxification process starts is due to the metals corroding in salt water after some time. The change in color does not really reflect all the impurities that have leaked out of your body through the process. This is according to an experiment done to prove how effective the process is. In reality, cleansing and detoxification happens in the liver and not on the foot which is why this cleansing method is not really effective if not for its placebo effects.
While experts say ion cleanse is not really effective, people still want to try this method out because even if you can’t cleanse your body through this method, you still get to relax and relieve your body of stress.