The Tennis Necklace Is The Hottest Piece Of Jewellery You Should Be Investing In Right Now


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Few pieces of jewellery make quite as strong a statement as the tennis bracelet. That single row of diamonds glistening away on someone’s wrist not only oozes timeless elegance, but also acts as the ultimate status symbol thanks to one incredibly hefty price tag – it is a string of multiple identical ultra-precious stones, after all. As such, this classic piece of jewellery has largely been reserved for old-world ladies of leisure, glitzy country-club mums and dynastic trust fund babies.

Not so, however, in the case of the tennis necklace: the bracelet’s cooler, hotter and far more desirable younger sister. It has modern-day star power without the fusty undertones, and we’ve seen it gracing the necks of everyone from Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Bieber to Zoe Kravitz and Nicola Peltz. Even Peltz’s now-husband Brooklyn Beckham was seen getting in on the tennis necklace action, rocking a tennis necklace under an open shirt at the 2022 last Met Gala.

Atop a sleek, all-black evening look or worn casually in the day, the tennis necklace’s vibe is less ‘look at my eff-off diamonds’ and more ‘sparkles subtly poking out of my plain white tee’. Despite sometimes costing tens of thousands, it’s all about effortless cool – and today’s technological advances mean that even if the diamonds are fake, you can barely tell the difference. Brands such as Crystal Haze and Heavenly London offering particularly good-looking dupes, while those splashing out on the real deal (and if you can, we don’t blame you) should look to Shay, Hatton Labs and Vrai.

From the classic to the playful, plain to colourful, affordable to the over £60k, these are the best tennis necklaces you should buy now – and wear forever.

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Serena gold-plated cubic zirconia necklace



This tennis necklace design is a forever classic, at a fraction of the usual price.


Rocky’s Delight Tennis Necklace

Roxanne First’s love of bold colours lends itself particularly well to this tennis necklace design, in which green tsavorite and lilac sapphires are beautifully combined.


The Limited Edition Sapphire Yellow Mon Cœur Necklace

Heavenly London makes some of the best-looking diamond dupes around, and this limited-edition heart-shaped tennis necklace designed in collaboration with Flavia Stuttgen is top of our wishlist.


Diamond & 18kt gold tennis necklace

If you’re going to invest, you may as well go all out on this show-stopper.

Swarovski pioneered the use of cubic zirconia, so we expect this rhodium-plated necklace to shimmer just like the real thing.


Rainbow sapphire & 14kt gold tennis necklace

This colourful version of a classic tennis necklace pays homage to the vivid artwork of Kandinsky and Calder – and is simultaneously an art piece in itself.


Silver-tone Swarovski crystal necklace

Amina Muaddi’s pale pink crystal necklace screams Y2K-era Paris Hilton – and would look great with a crisp white shirt.


Micro-Pave Diamond Riviere Choker


From £3,900.00

Micro-pavé diamonds in their round settings make for a more subtle statement.


The Square-Cut Deco Collar

The square-cut gems on this necklace make it feel super modern.


18K White Gold Emerald Tennis Necklace

Go bold with a continuous stream of bright green emeralds.


Celestial Double Strand Tennis Necklace

Why settle for a single strand of diamonds when you can have two? Well, the sky-high price might be one reason. But if it’s not, opt for this stunning piece which features both round and emerald-cut diamonds.

Deborah Pagani


Choosing a design that only features diamonds around the front means you’ll usually get more bang for your buck. On this Deborah Pagani design, for example, the diamonds get larger as they go along.

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