Lipsticks for Your Every Look!

Kicking off the day with a coat of lipstick and some mascara is some obvious stuff we all ladies love to stick on! A day without a coat of lipstick feels so bare and naked. For decades, lipsticks have become a staple product for every woman. 

In this Insta-perfect world, different types of lipsticks with varied types of texture and stay have evolved. From matte lipstick to glossy lipstick, you’ll find every type of lipstick you want. There are so many varying lipstick colours, from nude to pink lipstick shades. 

So, if you’re looking for a good lipstick to add to your wardrobe, then hold on! We have found some of the best lipstick sets worth buying and adding to your stock.

Best Lipsticks Available on the Market

Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection Bare:

A matte lipstick from the Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection with a smooth, feather-like, and delicate texture. It has a vibrant matte finish and pure colour release. Over time, the colour remains silky smooth and quite comfortable. Contains wild mango butter for its healing and shielding qualities. It is a great option if you want a waterproof lipstick brand.

Renne The Fab 10 Combo Lipstick:

Renne The Fab 10 Combo is Fab 5-in-1 and 5-in-1 Nude in a single box that features the best pop and nude shades for your everyday and ever-glam needs. Renne The Fab 10 Combo delivers intense colour payoff, moisturising properties, long-lasting finish, and convenience in a box. 

You unlock the door to everyday luxury with this convenient, long-lasting set. It has all the peaches, the pinks, the reds, and the browns – each shade ready to turn that frown upside down. 

The Fab10 combo is here to make your lives easy and choose the perfect lip colour easier. This pack improves the texture and health of your lips, thanks to the jojoba oil’s characteristics. With this nutritious and oh-so-delicious combo of perfection in a stick, um, we mean two sticks, give your lips a total makeover each day.

Maybelline Sensational Liquid Matte Lipstick:

Maybelline Sensational Liquid Matte Lipstick is a highly pigmented liquid matte lipstick with a feather-like weight and a non-drying and non-sticky formula. Maybelline Sensational Liquid Matte Lipstick lends a smudge-proof full coverage matte colour in one smooth glide. 

It delivers a sophisticated colour and a lovely gloss that give the lips an exceptionally wonderful appearance. The finest feature of this lipstick is how long it lasts without drying out or becoming sticky and how effortless it is to apply, thanks to the inclusion of an applicator in the shape of an arrow. It is one of the best lipstick brands and offers a great range of matte liquid lipsticks. 

Revolution Pro Supreme Lipstick Psycho:

Lipstick Revolution Pro Supreme Psycho is a matte lipstick with a silky, featherweight, and soft touch. It has a bright matte finish and is very pigmented. Long-lasting colour that is quite comfortable. Infused with wild mango butter for repairing and protecting properties.

LOTUS ECO STAY Matte Lip Colour:

A matte finish lipstick made of natural ingredients. This moisturising, chemical-free lipstick comes in a deep maroon colour. It has a smooth, creamy texture that leaves lips looking matte. Because it is extremely pigmented, it lasts many hours and stays on without smearing or fading. Additionally, it features SPF-20, which offers sun protection.

Lakme Cushion Matte Lipstick:

The lightweight, hyperpigmented Lakme Cushion Matte Lipstick in Red Marsala is water resistant and contains extracts of rose oil. When used, the wonderfully pigmented Lakme Cushion Matte Lipstick Red Marsala only exudes class.

It adds hydration to the skin because it contains extracts of rose oil. This lipstick gets packed with a non-drying formula that leaves them soft and appears profoundly matte. Glide it once over the lips and see how it leaves its stain. There are a lot of matte lipstick shades available in the market by Lakme.

Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection Red: 

A matte lipstick from the Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection with a lightweight, smooth texture. It is a pure colour release and vibrant matte finish. Long-lasting colour that is quite comfortable. Infused with Wild mango butter for repairing and protecting properties.

Liquid Lipstick in the Shade “Seduction” by NYX Professional Makeup:

This lovely lipstick by NYX Professional Makeup uses mineral oils and sunflower seed oil to keep your lips hydrated. It aids in the restoration of broken and damaged skin, enabling smooth lipstick application free from bumps, spots, or peeling skin. 

The matte-finish Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick comes in a clear lipstick tube. The delightfully creamy texture leaves the lips feeling incredibly smooth and cosy. Seduction is a seductive tint that perfectly accentuates the corners and curves of your lips.

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