Guidelines for Picking the Right Size & Style of Bookshelf

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In past, bookshelves were meant to keep the books in a vertical way. Now-a-days, people use them for making a style statement library and keeping their favorite plants, picture frames and art work. If you need a bookshelf to manage your valued books and decorative items, evaluate your needs before finalizing a piece of furniture. If you do not have a massive collection of literary books, choose a small size bookcase to manage the items. Get benefit of West Elm discount code just to find a multi-tasking bookshelf on economical price.

Bookcase Size 

First of all, measure the available space in your living room or drawing room. The exact space helps in choosing the right size. Apart from available space, consider (above the books) capacity of headroom. 

Preferred Material

Bookshelves are designed to arrange your treasured items in a proper way. Apart from size, selection of material is also important for durability and heaviness. Metals and solid hardwoods are perfect if you want to keep the bookcase for long time period; however these are the heavy materials and cannot be moved easily. Plywood and veneer are the frequently used materials that are ideal for traditional or rustic furnishings.

Number of Shelves

According to your needs, choose a vertical or horizontal bookshelf. Moreover, the number of shelves depends on available items to décor. Low Bookshelf, Tall Bookshelf, Dark Walnut Foundry Wide Bookshelf, Open & Closed Industrial Modular Bookcase, Lacquer Storage Bookcase, Profile Narrow Bookshelf, Tiered Bookshelf and Streamlined Bookshelf are some of the styles to meet your needs. 

If you are interested to customize the book storage, choose an adjustable shelf option to set the height and match with your requirements. If you are given freedom to vary the size of shelves, you can wide or narrow the shelf size for adjusting décor items. Get West Elm discount code to find the customized bookshelf on markdown.

Open or Closed Back

If you are sharing a space or want to give an impression of large size room, pick the open back bookcase. It gives an opportunity to choose the books from front as well as the back side. Closed back bookshelves bound you to adjust them in a corner or against a wall. On the other hand, you can place open back bookcases anywhere.

Hidden or Display Feature

If you have unnecessary clutter or stuff that you do not like to exhibit, select a bookcase having drawers and doors. It is also known as bookcase cabinet. Apart from hiding unwanted items, it gives an opportunity to keep the valued items in secured place away from dust. These days, open and display bookshelves are on demand. You can find a bookshelf giving display and cabinet option. The upper shelves are open to exhibit the mementos and art work, whereas lower portion contain cabinets to cover important files and documents. 

Submit West Elm discount code to choose a bookshelf that gives desired finish options in your favorite color and style. Weathered or rustic bookshelf suits you if you like modern designs.