Cartier’s Beautés du Monde High Jewellery Celebrates the World’s Beauty


Celebrating nature’s magnificence from wherever it may perhaps be found, Cartier’s most current Beautés du Monde Higher Jewelry selection provides alongside one another enchanting gemstones, aspects, and stylistic abstraction.

Cartier’s jewellery has extended been revered for its breathtaking interpretations of nature. As the luxury jewellery launches its newest high jewelry selection, aptly titled the Beautés du Monde, the brand name when yet again celebrates the world’s lots of resources of elegance — wherever they may be.

From a necklace motivated by a butterfly’s wings, to another dependent off of a mythical and hypnotic snake, listed here are some of the most stunning patterns from Cartier’s hottest fall.


The Nouchali Necklace

Inspired by a water lily

Nouchali Necklace

Resembling an enchanting sculpture, this necklace is accentuated by a centre stone — an certainly spectacular 10.61-carat rubellite, all over which diamond petals unfold, surrounded by onyx. Each individual has been meticulously formed, as a nod to the flair for geometry oft observed in Cartier Higher Jewellery. Lilac-hued chalcedony beads are separately threaded to develop a mild, and sensitive drop, that offers the central flower the picture of floating on drinking water. 


The Recif Necklace

Inspired by the beauty of coral reefs

Recif Necklace

Emerald and coral agreement by means of ribbed beads, curling all-around a diamond atoll in this unique necklace. The dreamy contrast is even more improved by the twisint motion, allowing white diamonds to sparkle as a result of. Ribbed beads, paired together with emerald or amethyst cabochons allude to Cartier’s signature design, celebrating its abilities via an impeccable weaving strategy that is at at the time extraordinary, yet relaxed versus the skin. 


The Water Aspis Necklace

Encouraged by a strong and hypnotic snake

H2o Aspis Necklace

Among the the most legendary mythical creatures in Cartier’s menagerie is the snake, and below, Cartier captures the creature’s splendor as a result of overall flexibility , stylisation and abstraction. The snake’s ability, coupled by its capacity to coil close to its prey, is realistically captured by means of the necklace’s mobility and twisted structure. Five 43.49-carat Ceylon sapphire cabochons punctuate the necklace with an intensive blue, whilst triangular diamond and lapis lazuli scales variety an openwork, maximising the brilliance of each gem. 


The Apatura Necklace

Motivated by a butterfly’s wing

Apatura Necklace

An utterly dazzling piece,this necklace features rainbow nuances of opal, conveying vivacity and brilliance. A few Australian opals — each individual at22.08 carats — are framed by geometrical motifs, that includes diamond bars and blue sapphire beads, all of which echo the opal’s fireplace. The necklace can be worn two methods, possibly with its eye-catching pendant, or with the pendant detached and worn as a brooch. 


The Iwana Necklace

Influenced by the pores and skin of the green iguana

Iwana Necklace

Built applying diamonds and emeralds, the complete necklace evokes the shifts and motions of the animal’s pores and skin. The fullness and emptiness of diamond-paved triangles was employed to make an open-get the job done that draws the line to a few outstanding Colombian emeralds, every single weighing 43.45 carats. Real to Cartier’s flair for beautiful detailing and craftsmanship, just about every four-sided minimize has been especially shaped to resemble the iguana’s dorsal spines. 


The Capsule Collection

A line-up of 7 rings

Covering all of Cartier’s essential regions of expression, from geometry to motion, color, and a enjoy for flora and fauna, each and every of the collection’s dreamy rings draws from a poetic inspiration. These consist of a sea dragon, an ammonite fossil, a sea monster, an asteroid, and a Chinese puzzle — the record proceeds. Triangular-slice diamonds are paired along with purple spinels, cabochon tourmalines or inexperienced diamonds.

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