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A mum of 3 and the co-founder of Magenta Flowers has gone viral lately for creating breast milk jewellery.

Safiyya and Adam Riyadh individual Magenta Bouquets, an award-successful business that turns flowers from particular situations into priceless keepsakes and mementoes. But recently, they have been in the information for their distinctive breast milk jewellery, which experienced been uncharted territory for them until finally now. The small business few expects a turnover of about Rs 15 crore by 2023 from their gross sales of this jewellery.

Nonetheless, the breast milk marketplace is not new, nor is the strategy of this jewellery. Let’s locate out much more about this worthwhile market.

What is breast milk jewellery?

Breast milk jewellery

The name is very self-explanatory. Breast milk jewellery is a specialised and customised piece of ornament that retains in a centrepiece stone created from breast milk. For a ton of new mothers, these parts of ornaments rejoice motherhood by means of the act of breastfeeding. A tiny amount of money of breast milk is taken and then preserved to be built into a stone that is heading to be a cherished possession for good.

When did the development of breast milk jewelry get started?

Even even though Magenta Flowers is creating headlines just recently, the strategy of this jewellery has been all around for rather some time. According to The Bump, this trend was initially seen again in 2013, when some jewellery sellers were being advertising these exceptional items of jewelry on Etsy.

It has develop into a world wide phenomenon now, with brand names all over the environment advertising this sort of jewelry, with rates ranging from $50 to $500 (Rs 4,000 – Rs 40,000 approx.)

How is breast milk preserved to make these pieces of jewellery?

The thing to try to remember is that each and every jewellery artist has their individual way of making these ornaments. But typically, in the preservation procedure, two tablespoons of breast milk is poured into a ziplock bag and transported to the jewelry artist. They then preserve the milk with chemicals and let it harden until it turns into plasticised. This hardened milk is blended with resin, which makes it easier to form the stone into a customised piece of ornament.

Brands that make and provide this jewellery

Breast milk jewellery

As we explained, there are makes all around the world that have adopted this phenomenon.

The Liquid Pearl Breast Milk Jewellery was launched by Thaarika S, centered in Tamil Nadu, a youthful mom who is also a lactation advisor college student and a budding attorney. Her brand name would make chains with pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, pandoras, infant jewels and keepsakes.

Momma’s Milky Enjoy by Chennai-primarily based Preethi is a further Indian manufacturer that turns the emotional practical experience of breastfeeding into tangible jewellery that moms and dads can cherish endlessly.

There are quite a few other international models that you can bank upon, like Mama’s Liquid Love, Indigo Willow, Lait de la Vie, which specialises in vintage-impressed rings, Child Bee Hummingbirds, and many extra.

What sorts of jewelry can be built out of breast milk?

Breast milk jewellery

There are definitely no constraints when it arrives to this kind of jewellery. Imagine common jewelry, but with a breast milk centrepiece. Toddler Bee Hummingbirds make gorgeous, elegant and understated bangles with beads of breast milk and can also include things like a lock of the baby’s hair.

One particular can make pendants, rings, bracelets, anklets and even mementoes out of breast milk. In circumstance you didn’t know, you can also make this jewelry at dwelling.

All Photographs: Courtesy Instagram and Fb/dropsoflovebreastmilkjewelry


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