Additional room for bicyclist on Hall Ave could be happening in 2022


Dialogue about the pavement markings and edge strains together Hall Avenue from Point out Freeway 180 to Van Cleve Avenue had been a subject of discussion at the Tuesday evening committee meeting of the Marinette Board of General public Performs. While a bicycle lane was reviewed earlier, in accordance to the Wisconsin Office of Transportation this is not possible. Consequently, the town can place line striping in position to allow a place for bicyclists to ride if there is schero signal or bike sign in place. City Engineer Brian Miller claims, “the predicted edge line is to make motorist informed of how considerably more than they want to be from the control and give bicyclist who travel down Hall Avenue a little much more safety.”

While the city are not able to commence work on the edge line until 2022 the committee does concur that the best healthy for the city is to allow for for the line striping and schero signals. The committee will talk about and consider additional action at their December meeting.


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