3 Ways To Help Your Elderly Loved One Stay Safe When Out Shopping

How To Stay Safe When Grocery Shopping With Your Loved Ones - Care At Home  Services

Just because your elderly loved one might not get around as easily as they once could doesn’t mean that they need to avoid shopping for themselves. Especially if this is something that your elderly loved one enjoys doing, it’s important to help them find a way to safely continue to get fulfillment from going shopping. However, going out shopping can be a physical risk to your loved one, with the potential for getting sick, hurt, or taken advantage of.

So to help you in doing this, here are three ways you can help your elderly loved one stay safe when out shopping. 

Learn How To Shop Online

If your elderly loved one wants to do their own shopping, whether they live on their own or are in an assisted living community, you might want to encourage them to learn how to shop online. You can buy basically anything online, from home decor, clothing, and even groceries. 

For those seniors who might not feel confident with technology, take it upon yourself to walk them through how to shop online from their favorite retailers. You can show them how to create an account so that all their favorite things and their payment information gets safely saved for them to use whenever there’s something they want or need. This way, they won’t even have to leave the house to go shopping, since what they bought will be delivered right to them

Go Shopping Together

When shopping in person is necessary or preferred, one way you can ensure that your loved one is safe and protected is by going shopping with them. If you’re there with them, you can help ensure that they don’t slip and fall anywhere, that other people treat them with respect, and that they get all the things that they need from their shopping trip. 

If you are going to go shopping with your elderly loved one, or if your loved one is going to go shopping on their own, try to have them get to the stores earlier in the day when there is less foot traffic and fewer people to maneuver around. 

Reduce Time In The Store By Using Shopping Lists

The longer the amount of time your elderly loved one spends in a store, the more time they have to get hurt on the premises. Knowing this, you should encourage your loved one to reduce the time they spend shopping by bringing a list with them of what they want to buy. 

With a list in hand, your loved one can quickly and efficiently get what they need from the store without forgetting anything or wandering around trying to remember what it was they wanted to get. 

If you’re worried about how safe your elderly loved one is when they’re out shopping, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to encourage them to protect themselves.